COFFEE (addict)

As i pour a teaspoonful grounded coffee in my cup with hot water, i imagined and asked myself if this soluble could be an alternative to a beer, which they’re sayin’ would make you forget ‘certain things’…


But I’m a no-drinker, just a caffeine addict…

I’m in this spot that i want to forget, or simply put -let go- in my thoughts and feelings those in my life that belong to the past…

The coffee just dissolved itself now…as if the coffee surrendered to the hot water thinking it is more powerful to be trusted its life; much powerful to receive its surrender; and much stronger to be dissolved into…and eventually to be GONE forever…

NOW what?

Letting go the past is easy if you know when it started, and you surely know how to end it…

but what if, like in a gamble, you bet your highest asset thinking it is the ‘best’ ever bet and thinking that you’ll win on that…

Yet, just like also in a gamble, you’ll never know…until you lose it all…



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Have you ever wondered
Why you were made?

Why are you living
while time is fading?

Why do you have to
see the sunset
-turning yellow into red?

Why do we have to smell the flowers
that makes us feel fresh?

Why do we have to hear the birds
singing from their nests?

Why do we have a family
that needs us deeply?

Do you think we´re living
to pray for those who are dying?

Do you think we´ve seen the sunset
to thank for seeing the sun rise?

Do you think we´ve smelled the flowers
to describe it for those who haven´t?

And just to feel the love of God, to us,
was given?

Do you think we´ve heard the singing birds
to let us know that life is
full of songs?

Do you think we have a family
for us to be happy?

That God loves us deeply and
He watches over you and me?

Many things I wonder.

Many answers I ponder.

But it´s because He made us
that made us see
these wonders… 🙂


Wonder for Beauty,

Wander for Freedom,

Ponder for Life.

Just wonder…


 -> I nominate

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